Female Artist’s Lives: Elisabetta Sirani

Her paintings became sought after, and her themes highly innovative. But a stomach ulcer brought her life to a sudden end.

via Brief Candles: Elisabetta Sirani, 2 — The Eclectic Light Company

I found the above image so intriguing I had to read more. This article and the previous one are definitely worth a read!

Seasonal Poem

Seasonal Poem

I decided to write my own poem focussing on positive aspects of the seasons I experience in England. I also added a few old pictures I found. Sometimes my mood gets negatively affected by cold seasons so I wanted to emphasise what’s fun about them! All feedback appreciated – I’m still very new to this poetry lark…

Winter’s charm melts like snow

Save for a warm festive glow

That brings us together

Hiding from the weather

Spring’s a game with no rules

Rebirth, growth, and April fools

Flowers blossom when it’s fair

Spontaneous showers clear the air

Summer’s warmth coaxes off coats

Shady places feel remote

Endless days give extra time

To stop, relax, and unwind

Autumn’s colours put us to sleep

Making the annual cycle complete

Only to begin again

Because this is not

The End

A xxx